As a specialist in the distribution in Canada of many internationally renowned brands, Elikya Distribution has more than a decade of marketing experience.

Elikya Distribution aims to bring to the Canadian market ethnic cosmetic products for mixed and dark black skin, i.e. with a high melanin content, whether for communities from Africa, the Caribbean, South Asia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Papua, etc.

We want to meet the cosmetic needs of these populations that have been neglected for too long and who deserve products adapted to their pigmentation. To do so, we make these products accessible to these many communities.

The authenticity of the cosmetic products you order is guaranteed, as we work directly with the manufacturers to ensure that they are officially originals.

We enjoy an excellent reputation and maintain good relations with our suppliers and customers thanks to the respect of our commitments and the consistency we demonstrate.

We promote human contact through our caring approach.