The prices displayed on our site ( exclude delivery costs. Shipping costs cover the cost of preparation and packaging, plus postage. They are established according to the delivery address, the number of items ordered and the total amount of the order. Under no circumstances will a customer be able to combine several orders to benefit from a reduction in shipping costs.

Our main carriers are FedEx & Canada Post. We benefit from the best shipping rates to help our customers save on freight costs. As soon as the package leaves the warehouse, it is taken care of and covered for protection against breakage and damage by the carrier up to $ 100.CAD. In addition, so that you can know the movements of your package in detail, we will send you the tracking number of your package by email. All you have to do is go to the website of the chosen carrier and enter the tracking number in the appropriate box to find the location of your package. Delivery times vary depending on the delivery method and place of delivery. Packages shipped by FedEx & Canada Post have a delivery time of at least two business days. Here are the delivery times according to the Provinces available on our site. Note that within the same Province, differences in delivery times may exist.

Base rate
Delivery time 
- Standard
24.00 $
4 to 6 working days
British Columbia
- Standard
25.00 $
5 to 5 working days
Prince Edward Island
- Standard
20.00 $
3 to 5 working days
- Standard
19.00 $
3 to 5 working days
New Brunswick
- Standard
18.00 $
2 to 4 working days
Nova Scotia
- Standard
19,00 $
3 to 5 working days
- Standard
17,00 $
1 to 3 working days
- Standard
21,00 $
4 to 6 working days
- Standard
15,00 $
1 to 3 working days
- Standard
27.00 $
5 to 7 working days

- Prices are in Canadian dollars.
- Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding the rates

shipping and delivery times.
- Please note that these rates are subject to change without notice.
- The customer is responsible for customs clearance costs, which vary from country to country.

Any incorrect information will cause delivery delays or the cancellation of the order. We are not responsible for incomplete or incorrect addresses.
All orders cannot be canceled once the transaction has been accepted or in the delivery process.

Please note that any delivery time is calculated from the day after your order is taken. In addition, each deadline mentioned is perceived in terms of working day.

ELIKYA Inc. can in no way be held responsible for a delay in delivery resulting from a shortage of stock or attributable to the carrier.